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Tufts University: Makoto Yabe - Studio Art - Museum School - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Makoto Yabe | FAMB012 - Ceramics/Clay | Studio Art - Museum School2005-03-29

Best course I have ever taken at tufts. Period. Entirely independent study so it doesn't matter if you are a complete novice or a master potter. Took it twice, might take it a third time next year. Makoto is a true master of his art and is incredibly friendly (even if he is almost unintelligible because of his accent at times). All you have to buy is 10 bucks worth of tools and you get as much clay, glaze, and time as you want. You can come in any day of the week and work/create. If you've never taken a class at the museum school, this is the one to take.

No assignments, just bring plans of what you'd like to make and Makoto will tell/show you how.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Physics

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