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Tufts University: Christine Cousineau - Urban & Environmental Policy - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Christine Cousineau | UEP205 - URBAN & ENV PLNG & DES| Urban & Environmental Policy2006-08-01

Horrible! This class is absolutely terrible and so is Christine. I was so excited to take this class and learn about some the more technical aspects of planning and design. What I got was a lot of theory (which understandably comes with the territory) that was only tangentially related to what we were discussing or doing tasks with. Christine's lectures were minor variations of the same speech every week and always too long and horribly boring. We did only activity that involved actually stressed any design at all. The final project had the potential of being great, except that every step was micromanaged to death by Christine and subject to deadline changes at her slightest whim. All of this could have been forgiven except for two instances. Christine decided to show up 2 HOURS LATE to a 3 hour class. You may ask, "why didn't you just leave after 30 min?" Christine was in touch with her TA who made us stay. Then when she finally strolled in there was no explanation for her unbelievable tardiness. I can't believe the level of unprofessionalism that this woman displayed. The second instance is that she delayed starting the final project so long that every group had to complete their projects after the semester ended. I don't mean a few days over. Some groups didn't finish their fall projects until January because Christine had some delusion about us wanting to stretch these things past Christmas. Only take this class if you want to stab your eyes out with an ice pick after 6 weeks.

Believe me, even if your projects were handed to you on a golden platter you need to avoid this class. Try cross-registering at Harvard or one of the schools across the river and get into an actual design studio.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Urban & Environmental Policy

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