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Tufts University: Gary McKissick - Community Health - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Gary McKissick | CH002 - HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA| Community Health2007-06-23

I've always felt that your view of a professor depends on the attitude you have going in, but that is only true to an extent. Being a community health major I was really excited about this course and paid attention in all the lectures but I came out rather disappointed. McKissick taught us the most common-sense information in lecture and filled his powerpoints with obvious statements and statistics. He managed to take readings that were often brilliant and enlightening and teach us only the most useless, trivial points from them. Unfortunately that was also the material that was tested on the midterm and final. Discussion in the recitations was a bit better but this course never really lived up to its potential, and that is surely because of the way McKissick taught it.

There was a lot of reading compared to some courses at Tufts but it was always manageable- about an hour a night if you kept up. The reading was enjoyable so there was really no reason not to do it, though I'm sure you could get by without doing a lot of it. Grading was based on two essays (15 and 20%), two exams (20 and 30%), and participation in recitation (15%).

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Community Health

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