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Tufts University: Susan Setnik - Latin - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Susan Setnik | LAT002 - Elementary Latin II| Latin2004-04-25

I noticed that of all of my professors, anyone from the classics department is the most enthusiastic. I think they get excited when someone actually is interested in an increasingly uncommon subject! Setnik is no exception - she is with out a doubt the most enthusiastic, caring professor. She makes tons of time available outside of class to help any students who may be having problems, and encourages people to ask for help. Latin isn't always the most exciting subject, but she clearly loves it, and wants her students to, as well. She's so upbeat and sweet - a great lady and a wonderfully excited teacher. She sometimes runs class over, though, and her enthusiasm sometimes makes you feel like you're in forth grade - small prices to pay, however, for a professor who clearly LOVES her job and her subject.

Normally, homework will only take about a half hour at the most, but sometimes assignments can be lengthier. It?s really a fairly easy class. In the beginning I think everyone thinks they're going to get an "A" but it does get harder at the end as the grammar gets harder.

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1. Susan Setnik (1.34)
2. Regina Merzlak (-0.7)

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