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Tufts University: Susan Setnik - Latin - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Susan Setnik | LAT001 - Elementary Latin I| Latin2004-12-02

While clearly enthusiastic, Professor Setnik just makes me frustrated with her inability to talk to students as equals. The entire class feels like elementary school, and not in a good way. I always feel like I'm being talked down to and time is wasted on stupid "How do you feel about ___?" assignments that have nothing to do with Latin. I can't learn anything from her because she answers the simplest question with lengthy explanations of things that don't relate. I've done most of my work independently and go to the TA with questions. At least she can talk to us like the intelligent college students we are.

The translations and grammar drills are easy. Stupid busy work (ie, how would you feel if you lived in ancient Rome?) that are demeaning for college students. Silly projects that waste class time, don't take much time to do. Of course, if listening to a project means I don't have to deal with Setnik for a while, it's not that bad.

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1. Susan Setnik (1.34)
2. Regina Merzlak (-0.7)

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