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Tufts University: Claire Conceison - Drama - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Claire Conceison | DR049 - ASIAN AMER STAGE&SCREEN| Drama2005-01-23

I learned a lot in this class without feeling overwhelmed. We spent most of class time getting into sometimes rather heated debates over the plays and films we were studying, and I think the professor refrained from putting her views on the table in order to allow free discussion among her students. Professor Conceison is very knowledgeable, resourceful, flexible, and eager to help. Through the research papers and projects, I learned a lot about doing research well, and coming up with good theses.

Straightforward assignments, albeit plenty. Four journal entries, ten 2-page response papers, one mid-term paper, one final creative project (write a play, make a film, or do a solo performance), and a course reader the thickness of a VHS tape. It's definitely doable, and she understands if you have to skip a few plays. She has a very strict attendance policy. Do not ever skip class. Aside from that, she's a lenient grader with a rewrite policy.

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