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Tufts University: Karen Panetta - Electrical Engineering - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Karen Panetta | EE014 - Microprocessor Architecture and Applications| Electrical Engineering2005-07-06

As a student that was in the ee14 and es4 class with Prof. Panetta, I want to defend not only her reputation but let anyone who has any brain, understand that the comments made were totally bogus.

Anyone who goes to her office hours is well aware that she holds plenty of office hours and is always very helpful and works hard to make people comfortable approaching her. Furthermore, she is an outstanding lecturer. The woman has won teaching awards voted on by outgoing Tufts Seniors. She is extremely intelligent and is one of the brightest professors in the engineering school. She will not tolerate disrespectful behavior of students against students, her teaching assistants or herself.

As for the claim that she doesn't do letters of reference for students, she has done several for many of my classmates and myself. If she doesn't do a letter for an individual, then perhaps this speaks of the character of the person. She's probably doing that person a favor instead of writing a bad letter revealing how bad they are.

I witnessed individuals in this class, many of whom I am sure wrote the negative reviews, behave childishly and act like ranting babies in her class. Their behaving bordered on harassment and I felt truly sorry for her for having to tolerate such horrible behavior from such a small group of trouble makers.

The workload is not wimpy. The problem sets are mostly design based so they require a lot of creativity. The lab reports required a lot of writing. The TA mentioned in previous comments was praised. The TA was the weakest part of the course. People who liked him were ones who he did the work for. He didn't follow through on anything, like passing back labs in a timely fashion. He also screwed up the scheduling of labs so that the final lab had to be extra credit because he scheduled it during reading period. Prof. Panetta put a stop to it and tried hard to intervene to save her students from him.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Electrical Engineering

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