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Tufts University: MUS010 - Opera as Drama and Music - Music - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Alessa Campana | MUS010 - Opera as Drama and Music | Music2005-03-15

I LOVE Campana. She is really spunky, and so passionate about her work. She has this great Italian/British accent and really knows her stuff. She takes you on field trips to opera in Boston, and loves to meet after class for coffee. As someone with a music background, it was tough to be in a class with kids who didn't have any. But she handled that dichotomy well, and explained everything in basic terms for the kids who didn't know anything but also gave indepth criticism for the kids who knew a little more. She organizes the operas chronologically, and chooses excellent works that epitomize the history of opera. She approaches the subject from a theatre aspect, and pays a lot of attention to the way a score can be interpreted by a director. I learned a lot, and I really enjoyed it as well. I think even those without any background got something from it, and the small class means that there's tons of one-on-one attention. Definitely worth your time, regardless of your major.

One opera a week or so, and she asks that you listen to the opera before class. She assigns an opera synopsis that are all found online. Once she used the textbook, but you should buy it anyways, it's a great resource. The biggest time commitment is the videos of the operas. You might watch one a week or every other week. These vary- some are fantastic, others are dull as a doorknob. Regardless, there is no better way to remember an opera and understand the plot than to watch it. Besides the weekly short readings and screenings, there are two papers and a take-home final. One of the papers is a review of an opera you go watch with the class.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: English

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