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Tufts University: PSY134 - Conflict and Negotiation - Psychology - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Sinai Nathanson | PSY134 - Conflict and Negotiation | Psychology2005-05-06

This is a fun and useful class for almost any field. You should have a decent knowledge of social psychological concepts, and I found it helpful to have taken microecon as well. Class time is essentially divided into Professor Nathanson explaining basic concepts, and role-playing games. Anything can happen with these games -- emotions rise, voices get louder, etc. And then after the game the class gets to analyze what happened and what we can learn from the simulated conflict. Highlights include a game involving real money that students provide, cross-cultural role-playing, and a prisoner's dilemma game. This is a great class if need to fulfill a 100s level course requirement and don't know what to take. You learn a lot about conflict and how to deal with it.

There is a lot of reading, but most of it is pretty interesting. It seems like a waste of time, but you have to do the readings to do the papers. Assignments include three journal papers (3 pages each) in which you have to include analyses of 6 of the previous weeks' readings (10 pts each), an easy group presentation pass/fail (20 pts), 10 pts for class participation, and a major 15-page paper (40 pts). All in all, not a hard class if you keep up with the reading. Be forewarned, Professor Nathanson does not give extensions on papers and is very strict about missing classes (they are 2.5 hour weekly seminars).

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Psychology

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