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Tufts University: Terry Haas - Chemistry - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Terry Haas | CHEM001 - Chemical Fundamentals | Chemistry2005-11-29

This course should be called chemical theory, because that's mostly what you learn! and professor Haas is way too advanced to be teaching a first level course. He constantly wanders off into uber complicated explanations and you can see him losing the class when you look around. He really knows what he's talking about, and he tries to crack jokes which are funny simply because they're so dorky, but he really doesn't teach. He tells you the topic for the class, and then puts examples up on the board - endless simple examples. my notes are pages of examples, with little explanation of what the process is. He's definitely a teacher for a higher level course.

Chapters are really long and convoluted, exceedingly boring. Problem sets are usually assigned a week or so before the material is covered in class so you spend lots of time looking ahead and trying to understand why and how you solve the problems. Tests are much like the problem sets...sometimes. When they're not, they cover stuff that we discussed in class but wasn't covered in suggested practice problems or on the problem sets, or in Haas' copious examples. At least you can work with friends on the problem sets to ensure you understand the concepts and practice them before the test.

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