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Tufts University: Kerri Conditto - French - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Kerri Conditto | FR002 - Elementary French II| French2005-01-20

Pleasant yet completely nutty, Conditto manages to make an early morning French class worth waking up for. Her tangents are usually very entertaining, and her unflagging enthusiasm for the French language easily rubs off on her students. She is often self-deprecating, and one wonders how she can muster up so much energy so early in the morning.

But she is a great professor. She can be all over the place at times, but overall Conditto keeps everything very well-organized. She provides wonderful hand-outs. Conditto knows what is helpful and what isn't. She encourages participation and questions. Her office hours are alarmingly early, though, so although she stresses how available she is-- I'm no so sure anyone will be awake for it. When it comes to e-mail communications, she never drops the ball. She does tend to be a harsh grader, but USUALLY she is pretty fair.

She makes me want to major in French. My only complaint is about the workload.

THE WORKLOAD IS INSANE. When I talk to people who took French 2 with other profs, I always feel slightly jealous because they had so much less work to do. I spent roughly four hours (sometimes more) before each class, preparing the work. There is a video at least once a week, usually over an hour of cassette tape work, text to read, a workbook, worksheet packets, compositions, and oral productions.

The work is definitely excessive and you have to work very hard to keep on to. But by the end of the semester, the hard work pays off.

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