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Tufts University: Sarah Sobieraj - Sociology - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Sarah Sobieraj | SOC040 - INTRO TO MASS MEDIA| Sociology2005-12-09

Professor Sobieraj is very enthusiastic about the subject. However, that enthusiasm has translated into her assigning a ridiculous and inappropriate amount of work. She'd assign 6 chapters without a blink when only 1 was relevant. She had no concern for students' taking other classes. Exam questions were very specific and not at all important. For example, final questions were based on plot of a novel we had to read. The point of reading the book (she assigned 270 pages of the book in the last week of classes, and a whole other book the week before) was to understand why it was so controversial, which could be obtained in 50 pages. She often explained things wrong in class so students wouldn't do well and then blame students instead of herself. Off the wall with what is appropriate expectations for students.

This is really the only problem I had with the class. The subject was very interesting.

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