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Tufts University: Robert Dewald - Chemistry - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Robert Dewald | CHEM011 - Chemistry| Chemistry2006-02-01

This is an excellent introduction to college-level chemistry, although not recommended if you haven't taken an advanced chemistry class in high-school. Professor Dewald goes through the concepts thoroughly but quickly, so going to recitation is vital to understand how to apply the concepts to the homework.

The lab part of the course consists of easy, straight-forward, "follow the handout" type experiments with a little write-up afterwards. Rarely do they take the full time allotted.

The best about this class are the guest lectures every week from members of the chemistry and physics faculty and grad students. Generally enjoyable and sometimes inspiring, the lectures will really give you a feeling for what a career is chemistry will mean.

Although daunting at first, Dewald is a fairly endearing old coot who periodically sways into his experiences as a chemist during the Cold War and his passing friendships with Nobel Prize-winning chemists. He and the recitation leader are generally available when you need them. Easily the hardest chemistry class you will ever take, but well worth it.

Basically, the workload consisted of a ten-question problem set every week or so, three long exams and a final - plus the lab section of the course. The textbook wasn't particularly helpful with respect to the homework and exams but helped underline the concepts. If you have trouble, you are best off bringing it up with the recitation leader or the professor.

Unfortunately, the problem sets are generally brutal but the only thing that will prepare you for Dewald's exams. The exams are math-heavy, rather than concept-heavy, so it's easy to make simple (but costly) mistakes.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Chemistry

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