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Tufts University: Mary Jane Shultz - Chemistry - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Mary Jane Shultz | CHEM033 - PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LAB | Chemistry2004-04-22

It would have been wonderful if a Mary Jane Shultz, PhD actually taught this class. Instead, we were taught by a handful of graduate students who were unfit to teach in the first place. These labs were poorly structured. The pre-labs never explored the experiments in depth, and the lab handouts were very confusing. Most students in the P-chem labs had difficulty understanding what we were doing. When I took this class, only 3 of 13 labs actually worked correctly. The graduate students exacerbated the problem by being un-attentive, unsympathetic, and unhelpful. They would routinely neglect to inform us of what they expected in lab reports, and then take points away from us when we didn't deliver. They would expect us to perform a complicated experiment without first showing us how, and then subtract points when we messed up. It seems their entire purpose was to make our experience as miserable as possible. If you don't need to take P-Chem lab, DON'T DO IT! It is quite possibly the worst class I have ever taken at Tufts.

The workload was excessive. Although this class is listed as 0.5 credits, it is really a full-credit class. Expect a lot of long hours in the lab, expect a lot of experiments that won't work, and expect a lot of poor teaching.

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