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Tufts University: Robert Devigne - Political Science - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Robert Devigne | PS140 - Liberalism and its Philosophical Critics| Political Science2006-07-20

If you've never read anything by nietzche, tocqueville, or rousseau, then I would strongly recommend taking this class. I loved each author, and with Devigne's help I was able to clearly understand their insights. Their conclusions weigh over our heads even to this day. As for the teacher, Devigne certainly is a brilliant lecturer, and I thoroughly enjoyed his colorful language and anecdotes. Unfortunately, I can't say he's a brilliant all around teacher. This class was based around two papers, with a term paper due at the end of April and the final due less than two weeks later. I was never able to see any corrections or feedback on my term paper, so I had no idea what to change or focus on for my final paper. I still haven't seen either of the papers, and have no idea what he thought of them. I even tried to email him about it with no avail. This is incredibly frustrating because I feel like the class remains incomplete; what use is a teacher if he can't offer thoughtful criticism? Basically, for me this course was a read-through of 3 books with brilliant live commentary from the professor. Devigne succeeded in lecturing but failed at teaching.

Very reasonable amounts of reading... maybe at most 25 pgs for a class? nothing was assigned at all until after spring break... then just 2 roughly 12 page papers. not bad.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: International Relations

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