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Tufts University: Christopher Morse - Chemistry - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Christopher Morse | CHEM001 - Chemical Fundamentals| Chemistry2004-07-17

Having taken Chemistry 1 with both Morse and Kipp, I must say that I appreciate Morse more as a human being. He's a very nice person, ready with a fairly entertaining story or the like. He frequently doesn't have enough time to talk to students, but in terms of learning the content, he's the best chem professor for intro chem.

The workload was more than a little sadistic. If you weren't rock-solid, and familiar with chemistry already, you were looking at several nights of straight work. Really fits the mold of a "weed out" class, and the problem sets are frustrating, and without a good TA (I didn't have a good one), very hellish. Especially for someone who finds study-groups (read: Doing 1/4th of the P-set) to be counter-productive, the work load is nearly unbearable. Upon dropping the class, my quality of life and enjoyment of Tufts, not to mention my grades in other classes, rose dramatically.

The load is unreasonable for students expected to take 3 or 4 other classes, unless they are taking the Tufts version of "Underwater Basket Weaving", and needs serious reform.

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