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Tufts University: Tamara Marquez-Raffetto - Spanish - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Tamara Marquez-Raffetto | SPN192C - Saints & Sinners| Spanish2005-04-06

Prof. Marquez-Raffetto is an absolute delight. I've had her in several classes, and while I'm currently taking Saints & Sinners, this review applies equally well to any course of hers.

I like Spanish literature, but there's obviously some material that's just not very interesting by nature. Prof. Marquez-Raffetto is able to suck all of the interest and intrigue out of even the most dull 12th-century piece. For stuff that actually is interesting (see Siglo de Oro, Romanticismo), her classes are genuinely captivating. In all cases, she is extremely friendly, engaging, and funny (if, at times, less-than-politically-correct).

She generally does not call on students whose hands are not raised, so reading the material for each class is not necessarily obligatory, although it definitely helps for the exams and papers. Also, of course, it makes the class more interesting. If you can do it, definitely do.

Her exams are not terribly challenging, but sometimes get into some detail about the literature. They consist of identifications of characters (she gives you the name of the character from some work the class has read, you explain who it is), short answers (are often about authors' lives, or sometimes historical stuff she's mentioned), and an essay. For papers, you'll do fine on as long as you have a clear thesis that's reasonably well supported.

Highly recommended!

In this class, we have five 2 page article summaries which are not very difficult, a midterm exam (not bad if you study), and the choice of either a take-home final or a paper.

The other Marquez-Raffetto classes I've taken have been slightly different: in-class midterm and final exams and a paper, with no ability to choose the format of anything.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Spanish

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