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Tufts University: Marilyn Glater - Political Science - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Marilyn Glater | PS105 - Constitutional Law| Political Science2005-10-02

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE class. This lady cannot make ANYTHING interesting. I am applying to law school and am very interested in law courses, but believe me this woman will make your one hour and fifteen minutes a WASTE of your life. Go to the mall, go to a museum, go to a friggin GAS STATION, it'll be more worth it. It's dreadfully boring, she even makes an elementary list of what students "CAN NOT DO" during class which includes: no eating, no leaving late, no getting up in the middle of class (i.e. NO BATHROOM!), no 'side conversations' in class, no interrupting PROF. GLATER... in goes on. Last time I checked we were in college and not the 2nd grade. But hey if you liked 2nd grade with an enormous amount of ready guided by a dulling professor, then CON LAW is for you!


professor rating: | course rating: | major: English

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