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Tufts University: Ross Feldberg - Biology - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Ross Feldberg | BIO013 - CELLS & ORGANISMS| Biology2005-12-22

Any student interested in pursuing a biology major or anyone that even has a strong interest in biology, should take this course. It covers basically the same material that is covered in a high school AP Biology course, but the way in which the material is taught and tested is unique. In high school, most teachers will just have you memorize the material, and then produce it again on the test. This course asks you to learn the material well enough to apply it to a new situation. The emphasis is not on memorization but understanding. Because of this, the course is frustrating in the beginning, and for some people all the way through.

If you take this course, don't expect an A. It's very possible to get an A, but don't expect it. Take the course to learn the material and use it in a different way than you have before. Even if you have an AP credit, you should take this course, if not for the lectures than for the lab. The lab is great for applying the material you learn in the lectures.

Here are some tips I have for surviving Bio 13. READ THE BOOK!!! You don't need to read it more than once, but make sure you do read it, and pay attention to the figures. GO TO LECTURES!!! Even if the entire lecture can be read in the book, going to the lecture at least ensures you are spending an hour thinking about biology. The lecture supplement is very important as well. Make sure you read it, and think about the questions it poses. What I found most helpful in getting through this course was looking at tests from previous years. These can give you a sense of what kinds of questions will be asked and how they will be asked. Finally, relax and don't over study for the tests. It's better the be well rested when taking these exams, then the have stayed up all night trying to memorize every last detail.

I really did enjoy this course, and I learned a lot. It is a good experience to go through.

There is a lot of reading for this course, but it is definitely manageable. My suggestion would be to read the material before the lecture, and try not to fall behind, because it can pile up. When the genetics sections comes up, there are a lot of practice problems. DO THEM! They are very helpful.

As far as the lab, there is a lot of work. Expect it to be like a separate class. Don't wait till the night before to do a lab report, and read the lab materials before the lab so you can understand what you are doing, and get out of lab faster.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Biology

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