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Tufts University: L. Michael Romero - Biology - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
L. Michael Romero | BIO002 - BIOLOGY & AMER SOC| Biology2004-07-17

This class was terrible. Romero obviously knows a lot about biology, but he knows nothing about ethics or sociology, which was the emphasis of the class (although not the tests). Romero allowed discussions to regularly spiral down a path of inane stupidity that included comments such as "Gay men can't have lasting relationships" and one student who suggested raising the speed limit (so that there would be more car accidents) as a form of population control. Neither of these comments seemed to strike Romero as odd. The class felt like an advanced middle school health class. It is obviously geared for non-scientists to fill a science credit, but I would not recommend it at all.

Assignments were straightforward, but class did not match up with tests. Class was much more social/ethically based, while tests had a strong biological focus. There is not much work, a 10 page outline, and three tests. The tests are harder than you expect, because as I said, they don't match up with what Romero focuses on in class.

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