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Tufts University: Harry Bernheim - Biology - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Harry Bernheim | BIO014L - ORGANISMS & POPULATIONS| Biology2004-11-15

(Harry Bernheim/ George Elmore / Prof. Chew)

Wow.... be prepared... for teachers who talk fast, crack lots of jokes.. and have your hand moving faster than it has in any other class. Coming out of bio 13, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find yourself challenged with the material and actually awake during class. I found myself occasionally going to the library to watch the videotape after class, because I didn't get all the information written down during class. Review sessions are essential to go to, especially before the exam, because a lot of things are explained..that just might pop up on the exam. I really like their optional quizzes, helping you to get a few extra points if you find yourself borderline between two letter grades. The labs are MUCH better than bio 13. Basically if you made it through bio 13 alive... you're good to go. Bio 14 will demand you to pay attention during class, but at least you'll want to. The professors keep you engaged.

Workload... not nearly as bad as bio 13. a lot less reading, but you have to really pay attention in class. Fortunately the exams are all based on the material covered, and don't have as much RANDOM information as bio 13... Be sure to memorize the experiments...they are important.

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