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Tufts University: Drusilla Brown - Economics - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Drusilla Brown | EC017 - Quantitative Intermediate Microeconomics| Economics2005-05-07

I was one of the lucky few to make it through a semester with "Drusilla the Dream Killa". You must avoid taking EC 17 with her at ALL costs. I can say confidently that this will be the worst class that I will take at Tufts. Unfortunately it is required for a Quantitative Economics Major, which was the sole reason I finished the class. Please take it in the fall if it is at all possible. If it is not possible, I feel bad for you. Professor Brown seems to care little about her students? progress. If she cared, she would explain things better in class, not brush off questions when her students don?t understand her terrible presentations, and she would be at least pleasant during her office hours. It is hard to pick the worst aspect of the class, but the tests were probably the worst. There are three midterms, the first was so difficult that only two students in the class got the first problem correct, the second midterm didn?t test anything we had learned (I think she borrowed it from some other class), and the third midterm, which was ?easy? in Drusilla?s eyes, had about 80% of the problems concentrating on something we had spent twenty minutes learning on the last day of class. To give a quick example of her personality, when approached about the third test, she responded that I should have done better because the second part was merely a ?disguised? function that we had already learned, and I was ?stupid? for not noticing it. The book is virtually useless because it is not only impossible to understand, but the class only looks at small parts of the book that are strewn throughout the length of it.

It is hard to quantify the workload. She gives a problem set just about every week. They ranged from taking 5 hours to taking 25 minutes. There were either impossible or easy. They helped us learn things, but usually she hadn?t taught a lot of what was on the homework. Basically the harder you study the more frustrated you get. This is mostly due to the fact that the tests have little to do with what she teachers, or what is on the homework. The only part that is time consuming is pondering whether or not to drop the class. There are three midterms, and an optional final. The optional final can help or hurt your grade so it is a big decision whether or not to take it. Don?t let Professor Brown steer you away from quantitative economics, just avoid her.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: Economics

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