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Tufts University: Siddiq Abdullah - Economics - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Siddiq Abdullah | EC005 - Principles of Economics| Economics2005-06-30

Although professor Abdullah obviously has his stuff down, he is not very good at teaching it. He was unclear, repetitive, and rambling. His examples were not very well explained, and there was no way to practice what we had learned because there were no problem sets. At the beginning of the semester he did recommend which problems we should try, but after that he seemed to get lazy. When we asked for problem sets he told us to "do the problems at the back of each chapter," which was not very helpful considering their sheer volume. He did not seem terribly concerned with out understanding, harping on some simple points and then skimming over details. If you have to take the class, I strongly recommend reading the textbook before going to class, because attendance is literally worthless otherwise. Abdullah does not teach, he skims over the reading in an inefficient manner. In fact, by the end of the semester I had ceased attending at all, choosing to read the book instead, which took less time, was clearer, and got me an A- anyway.

There was a medium amount of work, but it was well worth doing since it was the only way to learn the material. Trust me, it is not possible to speed read the book though, you must break it up and read one chapter or maybe two at a time. Do not expect to sit down and read ten chapters the night before the exam. There were four exams and five recitation quizzes. The exams were not terrible, although the multiple choice questions could be obscure at times. The quizzes were a joke.

professor rating: | course rating: | major: International Relations

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