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In a nutshell, this website is a collection of reviews written by students for students. We hope that if you like this website, you will take the time to write some reviews. This website is completely driven by people like you. If you don't see your reviews appear right away, don't worry - they will be up shortly!

As you type, we offer suggestions! Pretty nifty, eh?

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October 29: Hey Guys, you've probably noticed that lately we've been really bad about getting all the reviews that you've been submitting onto the website quickly. We're really sorry! To remedy this, we're opening up all non-screened reviews for viewing here. We hope you find this to be of use! - JA Team

  Latest Reviews  
Agnes Trichard-AranyFR004 - Intermediate French II2009-02-12
Jonathan KennyCHEM008 - ENVIRONMENTAL CHEM2008-04-26
Hugh GallagherPHY012 - General Physics II w/lab2008-04-10
Regina MerzlakLAT022 - N/A Oops! In the know? Click to Edit 2008-04-09
Kenneth LangAST010 - WANDERERS SPACE-EXP & DISC2008-02-23
Christine CousineauUEP205 - URBAN & ENV PLNG & DES2008-01-30
Christine CousineauUEP205 - URBAN & ENV PLNG & DES2008-01-30
Christine CousineauUEP205 - URBAN & ENV PLNG & DES2008-01-30
Christine CousineauUEP205 - URBAN & ENV PLNG & DES2008-01-30
Christine CousineauUEP205 - URBAN & ENV PLNG & DES2008-01-30
Christine CousineauUEP205 - URBAN & ENV PLNG & DES2008-01-30
Christine CousineauUEP205 - URBAN & ENV PLNG & DES2008-01-30
Jeff McConnellPHIL001 - Introduction to Philosophy2008-01-25
Robert StolowCHEM051 - ORGAN CHEM I2008-01-19
David GarmanEC107 - Intro Econometrics2008-01-15
Siddiq AbdullahEC060 - International Economics2008-01-03
James WatsonSPN022 - Composition and Conversation II2008-01-03
Daniel RichardsEC005 - Principles of Economics2007-12-17
Gary McKissickCH002 - HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA2007-06-23
Jay ShimshackEC030 - Environmental Economics2007-01-25
Mary GlaserMATH012 - Calculus II2007-01-22
Downing ClessDR155 - Directing I2007-01-20
Jeffrey BerryPS101 - Presidency & Executive Branch2007-01-19
Rabbi Jeffrey SummitJS096 - INTRO TO THE TALMUD2007-01-18
Thomas DownesEC013 - Statistics2007-01-18
Thomas DownesEC013 - Statistics2007-01-18
Rabbi Jeffrey SummitJS096 - INTRO TO THE TALMUD2007-01-17
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