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Tufts University: Jonathan Bihari - Mathematics - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Jonathan Bihari | MATH012 - Calculus II| Mathematics2004-12-16

Jon is a very easy-going guy and a pretty laid back professor. His explanations are always very clear and very helpful. He doesn't care much if you don't do the assignments, but don't throw away extra points because they do make a difference. IF you choose to not do the homework, still try to go to every single class. Going to class every time, you can easily get a good grade. It's hard for a lot of people to show up, since the subject itself is very very awfully boring and tedious. But he is a funny guy. He's fine with people being a little late too. He's a little too laid back sometimes... you find it hard to go to class every time since he's so lenient.

Assignments for every class, there are 3 midterms and 1 final. Workload is not too bad... just show up in class and take good notes and you're all set. Assignments are more for your own chance of doing practice problems than anything. You hand them in, but they don't even have to be complete to get a "check".

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