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Tufts University: Murray Elder - Mathematics - Professor ratings, reviews and much more | JumboAccess
Murray Elder | MATH022 - Discrete Math| Mathematics2004-04-21

If this professor was a student of mine. I would have given him a D. The effort he put into teaching this course was minimal at best, and it left me frustrated and unethusiastic about learning the material. There were three types of homework assignments: A weekly graded assignment which consisted of 5 or 6 of challenging (read ridiculously hard) homework problems from the text, 20 or so optional (any of these could be on the exam) problems and weekly graded projects. The only part of the course that he seemed to put any effort into were the design of the projects. He seemed unprepared in class many times when we asked him to go over homework problems when he should have reviewed them and been ready for any sort of inquiry that was bound to follow. More than once he began a homework problem on the board and would hit a snag (probably the same one we did) and say that he would come back to it later. He should have been more prepared.
The most frustrating part of the course was the fact that he never gave us solutions to any homework assignments. He said that we could come in during office hours and ask him if we had any questions. I personally need to know if I'm doing a problem right, and I use the solutions for that. He seemed to believe that one would simply look at the solution at the beginning and not think about the problem. After going to the department about this issue, they decided that he should give out solutions to the homework. The next class he proceeded to complain about his meeting with the department and from then on the solutions he gave were often poorly put together (some pages were upside down, the packet uneven and poorly stapled, etc.). In short, he resembled a petulant child who didn't get his way. Any decent professor would have given a poor grade to a student who acted in such a manner. I consider my transcript a serious issue, and I took the W for this course. I'm hoping it will be the first and last W I ever take.

The weekly homework assignments were so hard that any confidence you may have had in the material is crushed swiftly. And as if that wasn't enough, you still had the "optional" problems that could be on the exam. Want to see if you are doing them right? Well you're going to have to fight with him in order to get the solutions.

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